Members & Committees

2019-20 Club Officers

President Seth Miller
President Elect Logan Tipton
Vice President Mitch Broyles
Secretary Bill Fryar
Treasurer Jared Tetrick
Immediate Past President Kelly Geagley

Second Year Board of Directors

Teresa Arnold
Richard Tetrick
Drew LaPorte
Frank Newman
Danny Smith

First Year Board of Directors

Richard Barker
Tim Broyles
Jarrod Ellis
David LeVeau
Rachael Shultz

All Members

Teresa Arnold
Tim Bailey
Richard Barker
H. Matt Adams
Mitch Broyles
Tim Broyles
Dale Fair
Bill Fryar
Kelly Geagley
Lisa Hayes
Mike Hill
Amanda Jennings
Bill Kyte
Richard Tetrick
Drew LaPorte
David LeVeau
Seth Miller
Frank Newman
Jay Robbins
Danny Smith
Jared Tetrick
Logan Tipton
Jim Wilson
Rachael Shultz
Bob Gamache
Shelly Parham


Committee Chairpersons

Finance – Jared Tetrick
Audit – Mike Hill
Investments – Richard Barker
Budget – Mitch Broyles, Seth Miller
Report: Jan, May, Aug.

Programs – David LeVeau
Weekly Devotions – Jim Wilson
Report: Oct. Jan. May

Membership – Kelly Geagley
Report: Nov. Feb. June

Communications & Club Relations – H. Matt Adams
Report: Nov., April, Aug.

Logistics & Housing – Rachael Shultz
Report: Oct., Feb. June

Service Leadership Programs – Bill Fryar
K-Kids – Bill Kyte, Tim Broyles, Jared Tetrick, Jarrod Ellis
Key Clubs – Seth Miller, Mitch Broyles, Bob Gamache, Dale Greer
Report: Dec., March, July

Induction/Kiwanis Education -Richard Barker, Bill Fryar
Report: Dec., March, July

Community Service & Annual Projects
Pancake Day – Richard Barker
Ornaments – Jared Tetrick, Bill Kyte
One Day / Head Start / Pre-School Events – Lisa Hayes
Imagination Library – Dale Fair
Kiwanis Park – Tim Broyles, Jarrod Ellis, Jared Tetrick
Chili Supper – Tim Broyles
Flag Distribution – Danny Smith
Special Needs Picnic – Mike Miller
Boys and Girls Club – Danny Smith
Report: As Needed