Northeast State expects increase in enrollment

TNPromise and TNReconnect have impacted the lives of thousands of Tennesseans since they begin under the leadership of Governor Bill Haslam. Northeast State Community College is no exception. Chris Hitechew, NeSCC Director said they had an increase in enrollment with TNPromise, but it has leveled off. With recent infrastructure improvements and new courses available, they are expecting more adults to return for higher education with TNReconnect. Reconnect allows adults without a college degree who may not qualify for the PellGrant get money to go to college.

NSCC currently offers night classes and online classes to allow working adults to continue their education. Hitechew said a student can attend classes only two nights each week and be enrolled as a full-time student.

Currently, enrollment for the year averages about 560 students. Hitechew said the recent completion of the elevator at the school will allow for an increase in enrollment. He also said the school has added about 30 new classes, and continues to offer dual enrollment opportunities with local high schools.

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