Youth Leadership develops leaders of tomorrow

Christian, Molly, Chandrea

Each year, 25 juniors from each Carter County and Elizabethton high school apply to be delegates in the year-long Carter County Leadership program. The program gives youth an opportunity to learn about local government, business and industry, education, and community service. On Tuesday, April 17, the current program president Molly Tipton and delegate Christian Price shared their experience with Kiwanis. They were accompanied by Chandrea Shell who organizes the program each year.

Tipton said she joined wanting to meet new people and to get out of her comfort zone. Price, likewise, said he knew he could be a leader and he wanted to step out and do it. Some of the projects completed by the group were supporting Isaiah 117 House and the Boys and Girls Club, as well as a lake cleanup project and others. “Our group projects showed us how to work together and not just independently,” said Tipton. “We learned about our community and government and how to be involved at the local and state levels. It’s been very eye opening.”

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