Jon Hartman updates on City budget

Jon Hartman

There are a number of major projects on the horizon for  the City of Elizabethton – all of which require local funding. It was great to hear from former Interim City Manager Jon Hartman on May 1, 2018 about the requests for the 2018-19 budget. Considerations included additional funding for Joe O’Brien Field to improve facilities for the Elizabethton Twins and attendees, as well as improvements to the Bonnie Kate Theater, Elizabethton Golf Course, Covered Bridge Park, and a new sports complex. In addition, he said the city is proposing a facade grant for downtown businesses, which would allow shop owners to apply for funding to make upgrades to the fronts of their stores. The city is also considering launching a Co-Starters Cohort, which would help educate aspiring entrepreneurs and could provide funding for new businesses.


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