TLC Community Center provides summer food program, other services for families

Bethany and Angie Odom, TLC Community Center

Bethany and Angie Odom, TLC Community Center

Since 2002, the TLC Community Center has been meeting an important need among families in the summer, feeding on average 425 children daily. The TLC Community Kitchen makes it possible to prepare large amounts of food, holiday meals for clients, and nutrition programs.

In addition to the feeding program, TLC provides parenting classes and credits to parents for going to school, volunteering, and participating in activities that further the health and wellbeing of their families. Parents can then use the credits in the TLC store for clothing and other essential items. They also provide grandparents classes and resources in partnership with the UT Extension Office. TLC also has a fully equipped salon in which beauticians donate their time giving free hair cuts to families.

In recent years, TLC began placing free little libraries throughout Carter County, including in locations in Roan Mountain and Elk Mills. The books for these are donated and are available to all at no cost.

Additionally, TLC provides a Guard Your Heart Abstinence program in all four Carter County high schools which teaches boundaries, risks of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, parenting responsibility, accountability and more.


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