Wendy Wolf and the Commemorative Art Company, Harold Lane 56th Membership Anniversary

Wendy Wolf, The Commemorative Art Company

Wendy Wolf, The Commemorative Art Company

Wendy Wolf worked as a freelance artist for years doing different types of work like mosaics, murals and pet portraits until she incidentally created a new form of art. She paints stories. Stories come to life in her painting through hidden images and themes. They may be the story of a person, a family or even a chapter from the Bible. Her artwork comes with a key to the painting and a narrative about the painting. Her unique art form is bringing people and stories to life, and we were grateful to see her work and hear about her career at our final May meeting.

Harold and Barbara Lane

Harold and Barbara Lane

In addition, we celebrated Dr. Harold Lane’s 56th year in Kiwanis!  Dr. Lane was born in Kentucky in 1934, finished high school, and then joined the Army. He attended UT Knoxville and then graduated UT Dental School in Memphis in 1962 after marrying Barbara Pearson in 1960. (The club’s Dr. E.T. Pearson Trust Fund is named for Barbara’s father.) They have two daughters, three grandchildren, and one great-grandson. He began his practice in Elizabethton in 1962 in the old Franklin Clinic Building before moving to Hudson Drive in 1995.  He retired in 2011 after 50 years of dentistry. He is a member of First Baptist Church and a variety of business, charitable, and professional organizations. He joined Kiwanis on June 1, 1962, and has had perfect attendance ever since. He was elected club president in 1966 and named the club’s first Hixson Fellow in 1996. We celebrated his years of service and dedication with his wife Barbara and a 56th anniversary cake!



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