New City Manager here to listen, learn, push toward vision

Mayor Curt Alexander & City Manager Daniel Estes

Daniel Estes previously served as the Town Administrator for Collierville and in June 2018, was appointed City Manager of Elizabethton. Along with Elizabethton Mayor Curt Alexander, Estes joined us for our June 12 meeting. Alexander gave a review of recent accomplishments and projects in the city including repair to downtown awnings, the possibility of adding a whitewater rafting park, street paving, and an update on the recent contract with the golf course and plans for the Twins.

Estes said he is excited to be here and glad the council has formed a vision and strategic plan for the city. “I’m going to listen to this community to learn what the priorities are and make sure the city is pushing toward that vision every day,” he said. He came on board in time to enjoy the Covered Bridge Celebration and said he has enjoyed that and noted lots of positive movement in the city.

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