ETSU Head Coach: what makes a leader

Coach Sanders

ETSU Head Football Coach Randy Sanders, who has been coaching for 29 years, explained what it takes to be a leader and to make leaders. He talked about having character as a team, developing mental toughness and maturity, and taking pride in ETSU football.  “Leadership is the process of influencing and providing guidance and direction to achieve goals and make the organization better,” he said.

Coach Sanders’ Elements of Leadership

  • Leaders lead through relationships and through trust.
  • Once people trust you and buy into your vision, they will follow you.
  • Great leaders empower those around them. They don’t micromanage. They provide room to grow and develop.
  • Leaders lead with optimism, enthusiasm and energy.
  • Leaders know they don’t have all the answers. Know your strengths and weaknesses and work with people who can fill your gaps.
  • Leaders are consistent.
  • Leaders look for solutions.
  • Leaders know that success is a process, not a destination.


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