Kids Like Us triples in size

Lisa Lyons

Lisa Lyons

Since opening just over a year ago, Kids Like Us Community Center has tripled in size. It moved to a new location at the former Range Elementary School, where children have access to six classrooms. These include spaces to learn independent living skills like cooking and doing laundry. Not only do students improve social-emotional skills at the center, but they get academic support, art and music therapy, and physical and occupational therapy.

Founder Lisa Lyons said the center is now exploring the roles virtual reality can play in deescalating children in crisis and broadening academic and social opportunities. The center has partnered with LiiNA to develop programs most appropriate for their students, and ETSU and Microsoft have taken interest in the pilot program.

The 501c3  center is completely run by volunteers and funded through community support. Recently, the club received its first two grants – one from Autism Speaks, and another from Tiger Woods.

We look forward to seeing this center grow and continue providing essential resources to local families.

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